WELS Ed Tech Lead Summit 2019


When asked to present at the WELS Ed Tech Lead Summit 2019,  I couldn’t fit all the tools and resources that have helped me in the sectionals! So I wrote these resource guides. I pray that they are of benefit to you.

Jonathan Ruddat
Accomplishing Success LLC

The following resources will be available starting June 25, 2019:

Resources from Sectional 3.6T – How to Build a Website Using WordPress

  • Presentation Handout
  • Presentation Slides
  • 25 Questions for Building the Dream
  • Platform Consideration Chart
  • Suggested WordPress settings and plugins
  • Prelaunch Website Audit Worksheet
  • Jon’s Software Toolbox

Resources from Sectional 8.6T – How to use MailChimp to Send Automated Encouraging Emails

  • Presentation Handout
  • Presentation Slides
  • Step by Step Guide to MailChimp